Age of War

Age of War

Age of War


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Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through time? In the captivating online strategy game, Age of War, you will defend your base and defeat your enemies. Each age brings new challenges and opportunities as you command your troops and unlock powerful technologies. Get ready to unleash your strategic genius and write history!

The Ages: From Stone Age to Modern Warfare

Age of War takes you on a thrilling adventure across five ages. You will begin your conquest in the Stone Age, commanding basic units such as spearmen and catapults. As you progress through the ages, you will unlock formidable forces like knights, cannons, and bombers. Adapt your strategies to the changing times and create an unstoppable army!

Mastering the Game Controls

The game controls are as straightforward as they come, making it easy for both newcomers and seasoned players to dive right in:

  • Left click: Select a unit or building.
  • Right click: Move a unit or construct a building.
  • Spacebar: Launch an attack with your selected unit.

Now that you know the controls, it’s time to take charge and lead your troops to victory!

Tips and Tricks for Triumph

To ensure your triumph in Age of War, keep these essential tips in mind:

  • Balance your economy: Maintain a steady production of resources to support your army’s growth.
  • Upgrade your units: With each new age, take the opportunity to enhance the power of your units.
  • Unleash special abilities: Discover and utilize the unique abilities of each unit to crush your enemies.
  • Persistence is key: The later ages may pose challenges, but with practice and determination, victory will be yours.

A Captivating Adventure for All Skill Levels

Age of War is not only a game for the strategic masterminds but also welcomes players of all skill levels. Its addictive gameplay and user-friendly controls ensure hours of entertainment. Get lost in the thrill of battling through the ages and rewrite history with your cunning strategies.

Here are some additional tidbits about Age of War:

  • Developed by the talented minds at “Max Games”.
  • First released in 2006, it has stood the test of time.
  • Playable for free on various websites, including Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Praised by critics and players alike, Age of War guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience.

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